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A proud

Funnel mark

until 1993



Chaldeos Freighters Ltd.- from 1974 to present

Chaldeos Freighters Limited was established in 1974 and began operations from its office at 3 Iassonos Street in Piraeus. The Company was founded by Capt P.E.P. Chaldeos.

Capt P.E.P. Chaldeos graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business and then became a Master Mariner. In his 10 years of service as Master of ocean going vessels he served onboard vessels of Goulandris Bros, Stravelakis Bros and Pateras Bros.

Capt. Chaldeos in 1956


M/V Ardenal


The shipping roots of the Chaldeos family date prior to WWII when Capt. Chaldeos' father Platon Chaldeos, who was a merchant, had time chartered one small general cargo vessel to transport agriproducts from Southern Peloponnesus to Piraeus. Unfortunately, his operations were disrupted with the outbreak of the war and the sinking of the vessel.

In 1969 Capt. Chaldeos purchased his first vessel m/v Efktimon with his brother Ioannis and Capt V. Maltezos. Together they grew the fleet to 4 ships, but later, in April 1974 Capt. Chaldeos founded his own company Chaldeos Freighters Limited and started operating from his office at 3 Iassonos street in Piraeus. He purchased m/v Ardenal ex Arsenal from Pateras Brothers Ltd and soon purchased more and larger vessels. Since the start of its business Chaldeos Freighters Ltd operated as a tramp vessel company under the management of Capt. P.E.P. Chaldeos and soon gained excellent reputation in the shipping community.

In 1975 the Company got its BIMCO membership and in 1977, became a member of the Union of Greek Shipowners, as in order to be accepted, one is required to have at least three years of immaculate track record as a shipowner.

In 1979 the company moved to new premises at St. Nicholas House, 4-6 Efploias street in Piraeus. In 1981 Ioannis Chaldeos founds affiliate 'sister' company Totis Maritime SA operating from the same office.

In 1993 moved to new address at 20 Filellinon Street in Piraeus, Platon Chaldeos becomes Director and the Company changes its funnel mark to signify the start of a new era.

Throughout the years Chaldeos owned, managed and successfully operated many vessels up to Panamax size. In total, the number of vessels under Chaldeos' ownership was 21 vessels, or 402,197 deadweight tons, transported tens of millions tons of cargo and had employed hundreds of seafarers.

The last vessel was sold during the previous high market and the Company is currently anticipating for more favorable market conditions to make a new purchase.

In short, the Company's achievements over the years are as follows:

  • Managed to survive during the deep crisis of the 1980s, while other giant and medium sized shipowners collapsed, and through the modest market of the 1990s. Despite the difficulties of the charter market were able to collect all hires, freights and demurrages, without any losses from claims whatsoever.
  • In line with the Company's policy, kept the vessels always at high standards of maintenance and seaworthiness. None of the vessels was ever delayed by the Coast Guard or Port State Control and none of vessels ever incurred any losses to their underwriters.
  • The Company's vessels, although overage, offered always perfect performance and thus managed to attract the preference of first class major charterers who fixed them repeatedly.
  • Due to excellent track record with its banks managed to achieve 200% financing.
  • The Company honored its obligations to its lenders to the fullest without any delay or anomaly. In particular, a large Suisse Bank has confessed that, during the 1980-1987 crisis, our Company was virtually its only client to have repaid its loans.
  • All shipping projects of the Company produced very good results.

Today, Chaldeos Freighters Ltd maintains its established network of contacts worldwide and aims to acquire new vessels in the short term. The intention is to expand but to maintain the family business philosophy, i.e. to remain traditional and conservative with strict cost control.

The Company now operates from its own premises at 22, Ag. Dionysiou street in Piraeus where it has moved since 1995.

Chaldeos Freighters Ltd. is committed to ethical behavior and to achieving and furthering best practice at every level of the business. The Company's IMO number is 0519065.

Head of the Company today is Mr Platon Chaldeos.


The new funnel mark

The new funnel mark and emblem of our Company is the adopted crest of Chaldeos family. It is comprised of three elements, the Escutcheon (shield), the Greek Red Cross and the Coronet.

The Escutcheon represents the noble tradition, the values, high morals and unity of the family. The azure (blue) color of its field (background) symbolizes the realm of sea and the saltire (diagonal cross) in the middle stands for “X”, the initial letter of the family name Χαλδαίος (Chaldeos in Greek). The white color of the saltire is for pureness and integrity.

The Red Cross behind it signifies our faith and trust in the divine and the gules (red) color symbolizes the “shed blood”, i.e. metaphorically, the very hard effort that characterizes our past and future achievements.

The Coronet that sits on top of the Greek Red Cross stands for righteousness above all in our conduct, the unity and dedication under one goal; that of success, and the leading courage necessary to achieve it.


Historic fleet list gallery - The Chaldeos family vessels over the years.



M/V Aramon

Pictured above, the 1974 dated Banque Paribas loan agreement of 200% financing for M/V Diamantis ex Capetan Lazaros.

(First page shown only, click here to enlarge)


M/V Kallisto

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Chaldeos Freighters Ltd.
22, Ag. Dionysiou str, Piraeus 18540, Greece
Tel +30 210 4282 270
Fax +30 210 4180 571


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